Obamacare Facts - obama care pre existing conditions

obama care pre existing conditions

Obamacare Facts 101 obama care pre existing conditions

Under obama care pre existing conditions go out the door. Starting on

January 1st 2014, all US citizenships and legal US residents will be able to


Healthcare coverage even if they suffer from any pre-existing condition. This

means that those individuals seriously ill can purchase healthcare coverage

even if they are really sick. Under obama care, pre

existing conditions will not be a reason to deny


Currently, Americans with health-care related pre- existing conditions were left out of the health care markets, or punished with high prices. Health insurance carriers are allowed to charge those individuals with pre-existing conditions much more with no objection. When the Affordable Healthcare Act (more fondly known as Obamacare) was passed, The healthcare system WILL NOT be able to exclude those who need the coverage the most. Pre existing conditions under obamacare are eliminated. What are some of the Pre existing conditions obamacare will cover? There are many myths that there are certain sicknesses or disease that will be covered under obamacare. That is an inaccurate statement because under the pre existing conditions obamacare will cover, will be no limits. This means that anyone currently suffering from an illness will be able to apply, and enroll for coverage under the pre existing conditions obamacare. Will Americans with major illness such as cancer, tumors, etc.  have access to healthcare? Beginning on September 23, 2013 Obamcare makes it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against minors under 19 years old with preexisting conditions. And starting in January 1st 2014, discriminating against anyone with a pre-existing condition will be illegal. What about those who need care and don't have the protection of pre existing conditions on obamacare? The administration of President Obama understands that millions of Americans need relief now. That's why the new law created the Pre Existing Condition Obamacare Insurance Plan or High Risk Pool. High Risk Pool offers coverage to uninsured Americans who have been uninsured for at least six months and unable to obtain health coverage because of a pre-existing health condition like cancer, diabetes or lupus. Coverage will be available at the same rate as it is for an average person who does not have such a condition and the program is entirely funded by the federal government.  The program is temporary and will last until 2014 when discriminating against anyone with a pre-existing condition will be illegal. If you're interested in joining the program, you can click here to learn more about the program in your state. Today, HHS issued an interim final regulation laying out the rules for the PCIP program.  The regulation describes the options for determining who has a pre- existing condition, how to verify citizenship, and how an individual can appeal a PCIP decision.  It also details how Federal funding will be allocated, ways to prevent "dumping" of already-insured people into the program, and strategies for preventing fraud.

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